Demo Reel

Stroke of Genius

Created for the San Jose 48hr Film Festival

Thriller/Suspense Category

June 2018

The Scent of the River

World-class mixologist Carlo Splendorini creates the famous “The Scent of the River”. Carlo has won bartender of the year multiple times and this is the drink that he created for the Glenfiddich bartender of the year awards. I had the privilege to direct and shoot his extravagant and creative process. Enjoy.

Consensual Kill - Beauty Shop of Horrors Episode 1

A Short Film by Madamn Burnz & El Veterano

Shot by Deonta Arnold

In 2010, a group of deathly beauticians decided to form a cult based on their desires to abolish the unwarranted fears of the people of the state of California. Their leader, Madamn Todd had been banned from cosmetology school after her brother Sweeney sliced the throats of many clients in London, the town of her birth. On her quest to the west, and on a mission to revive the name of her family, she set out to find a Team; her mission was to offer a different kind of beautification experience. The beauticians who joined her were a misfit bunch, they had been banished from various beauty schools, healing classes, and medical professions due to their ‘ungodly’ appearances. The beauticians found the top fears of the residents of CA to be Being Ugly, Fire, Religion & Death. They traveled the west coast, offering services to combat these fears. However, after the refusal of so many Californians to be ‘made ugly,’ most of the beauticians moved forwards from cosmetology, advancing in the business to become morbid morticians in Death Valley.

Madamn Burnz’s alter ego developed character, and general fascination is in her unrelated twin, Madamn Todd. Madamn Todd is the blood sister of Sweeney Todd. She was not welcome on Fleet Street because her blood-shedding massacres were ‘too consensual.’ While her brother Sweeney slices the throats of unsuspecting clients, Madamn offers her clients the right to give up their lives, in exchange for knowing what really exists afterlife.

After Madamn Todd was abandoned and betrayed by her beauticians, she decided that the Beauty Shop of Horrors, although inactive, would always be alive in her heart. She decided to move forwards and offer her specialty service as an independent.

Madamn Todd, based on her history, was the only beautician fit to provide the master service at the Beauty Shop. She saw how society is quick to relish their rights to bosses and other authority figures, however, most people feel out of control in terms of their own deaths. What if you could choose to die? What if you really knew what the afterlife was like? Madamn Todd wanted to keep offering her services because well, you really die more than once.


“When confronted by your inner demons, is it in your favor to Lisbon to the lessor of two evils or go with logic? When the lines between what is right and what is wrong are blurred, self-preservation will be the deciding force.”

“Moonstruck” is a senior final short film shot for the California of the Arts Video program 2017


Madamn Burnz “La Dragonesa” – Aerial, Fire, Production, Script, & Music

Deonta Arnold (TwoTone Photography) – Video filming & editing

 Music: “Three” from “Aliecantations: Album of Shadows” Ambient Experimental Album by Madamn Burnz Aliencantations OUT NOW on Spotify Extra Abundant Gratitude for Our Crew ~ Alex el Veterano – Consultant, Torch man, 2nd editor Sienna Gebro – MUA Marina Gardea – Costumes Cassidy Howell – Production Assistant Jehan Khateeb – Graphic Design California College of Arts & Joel – Location & equipment services

Guillao (Oficial Video)

El Deseo (Oficial Video)

The Shift

“It’s easy to lose your grip on reality when you choose to spiral down the rabbit hole. Accompany a person on their descent into madness.”

“The Shift” is a short film shot for the California of the Arts Video first semester final.

" La Dragonesa" LIVE Fire Eating Aerial Rope

Premiere Video of Aerial Fire Eating Rope Act produced & choreographed, by La Dragonesa.

“Count Presents La Dragonesa” is the solo Aerial Fire Eating Rope performance in the Known Universe. Shot by Deonta Arnold, TwoTone Photo Edited by Laiya Baraka Music “SniBiRu” from ALienCantations Filmed live Not Another Dinner Party, a fundraiser for Oakland Museum of CA.

Once Again - Official Music Video (Razteria X Rahman Jamaal)

“Once Again” Music Video, @thejlsc 2016 Grand Prize Winner.

A story that almost became reality… Dedicated to all loved ones near and far… may we live to meet Once Again, share Life and create memories…

Directed and cut by Alex Zajicek ( & Deontá Arnold

 Lyrics by Renee Asteria/Razteria (RA) & Rahman Jamaal (RJ) Music (RA) Publishing ASTERIA & SAJERAJA PUBLISHING COMPANY (ASCAP) Performance Vocals (RA/RJ), trumpet (Anthony Ant), drums (Jayme Arredondo), other instruments (RA). Recorded at Truffula Oak Studio, El Sobrante, CA Mixed at Live Oak Studio, Berkeley, CA – Mastered by TrakWorx, South San Francisco, CA –

Change - by Razteria (Renee Asteria) & Rahman Jamaal

CHANGE AVENTURERA (album 3.18.2016) by Renée Asteria/Razteria (RA) & Rahman Jamaal (RJ) Music, production, arrangement, recording and editing (RA). Vocals (RA, RJ), all instruments (RA). Mix by Kinyama Sounds (Nicolas Duboux)/ Live Oak Studio (James Ward) /Truffula Oak Studio (RA). Additional recording at La Forge (Kirby Bivans). Mastered at TrakWorx (Justin Weiss).

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Aventurera Official Music Video (Razteria x Sang Matiz)

Title: Aventurera | Album: Aventurera

Renée Asteria/Razteria Yuriza Jared/Sang Matiz Asteria Records 2016

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“Enter the mind of a young woman as she dies and is reborn as one of the living dead.”

“Necrosis” is a short film shot in San Francisco for the California College of the Arts.

The Setup

“When an attempted jewelry robbery goes wrong, these three criminals must think on their toes to come out alive.”

SF artist collective “heist film” short.

Flat Broke

The Adventures of Filmore Tanks at the Black Cat Garage
A video for vintage collectors and people who love classic cars or 1950s anything.