I am an artist, a filmmaker, and a photographer. My creations embody elegance and possess a unique and unnerving attention to detail. I am deeply drawn to capturing the beauty that resides within the taboo.

My work explores altered forms and altered states of mind, taking viewers on a journey from the realms of extreme realism and gruesome imagery to dreamlike alien landscapes. I seek out the unconventional, finding beauty in the unexpected, and pushing boundaries.

Within my short films, I delve into the realms of thrillers, where I explore subconscious realities and the complexities of the human condition. Through these narratives, I expose the deeply ingrained prejudices and biases embedded within our social norms. It is through the medium of film that I challenge these norms and shine a light on the often uncomfortable truths that lie beneath the surface.

Influenced greatly by esteemed filmmakers and artists such as John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Fakir Musafar, Rob Zombie, Charles Gatewood, and David Lynch, I draw inspiration from their mastery of horror and their ability to create shockingly strange and captivating images and worlds. I am captivated by the uncompromising nature of their work, and it fuels my own desire to forge my distinct path into the realm of the strange, disturbing, and at times, even humorous.

Through my art, I invite you to embrace the unconventional and experience the discomfort and allure of the unknown. I am committed to creating works that challenge the status quo, provoke introspection, and ignite dialogue. Join me as we venture into uncharted territories and explore the beauty that lies within the darkness.

Welcome to my world, where elegance and taboo intertwine, inviting you to see beyond the surface and discover the hidden depths of our shared human experience.