Having a dark & brooding tone, I, Deonta Arnold, am a filmmaker & photographer who creates works that are elegant yet macabre. With a unique & unnerving attention to detail, I focus on capturing the beauty in the taboo.

The fresh blood that drips from an open wound, bodies that have been pushed and modified to unimaginable lengths, and the emotional and psychological torture we put ourselves through on a day to day basis.

These things have always interested me.


Finding beauty in altered forms and altered states of mind, from extremely realistic and gruesome crime scenes to dreamy alien landscapes.

Some of my short films are thrillers that explore subconscious realities as well as the human condition while exposing ingrained prejudice of acceptable social norms. My workflows against the grain of the vox populi and encourages you to ask yourself why does this disturb or arouse you?

I have always been the Other. I was the weird kid whose motives always seemed to be in question. Dead things interest me. People are the most complex things on this earth, alive or dead. The time spent at my local morgue taught me to embrace the sweet silence brought by death and it made me realize how many people wonder about such a place yet never dare to enter them. With my work, I want to bring you to that place.


Filmmakers and photographers such as John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Fakir Musafar, Rob Zombie, Charles Gatewood, and David Lynch influence my work immensely in terms of horror and the shocking strangeness of the images and worlds they create. These artists push boundaries and are unafraid to “go there”. I enjoy the uncompromisingly graphic nature of their work; I strive to create my own flavor of strange, disturbing and sometimes humorous pieces.

Where you can see more of my work: