Failed Films


Failed Films turns its back on the white walls, polished pieces, and polite gallery conversation to bring you an undiscovered enclave of artists whose raw and daring works will shake your perception of what art can be. Founders Grace Mendenhall, Jonah Strauss, and Christopher Gates have partnered with an underground West Oakland creative haven, known for its commitment to the survival of the Bay’s best glitter and dirt. Twenty-three artists will fill this unique space, projecting film on ceilings, lining the walls with photographs and illustration, and creating interactive installation pieces. The evening will also feature a short sit-down film program. This underground art event showcases the film, photography, art, and performance rejected by formal galleries and unsupported by the Bay’s rapidly changing art scene.

All of Failed Films’ festival profits will go directly back to our artists, enabling them to continue making work. Our goal is to become a sustainable quarterly event that is able to provide grants, resources, and an audience for local artwork with a non-traditional approach. In fact, Failed Films may just be what the Bay area art scene needs to succeed.