How To Stay True To Yourself In The World of Business – CJ Johnson, Tyler Lay, & Deontá Arnold | MentorBox Podcast

In business, you can quickly lose sight of who you are.

Whether it’s ambitious quarterly goals, complicated client relations, or tense contract negotiations, any touchpoint of the business journey can have you grappling with your identity. The stress of these moments, though hard to sift through, provides an opportunity for growth.

That’s why on this episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are joined by filmmaker turned influencer, CJ Johnson to discuss maintaining your inner artist in the world of business with Tyler Lay and Deontá Arnold. After the viral success of his short film “Genesis,” CJ found himself being solicited by many different industries to advise on digital marketing. Over time, he developed his own agency that harnessed the social reach of online influencers. Today, he works in the realm of fashion, consultation, and mentorship, and has developed his own brand based on his virality. Tune in to this episode to learn how to channel your inner artist to mark your position in the world of business!