“Umbra of the Self” Moonlight Review  – Konch Magazine

“Umbra of the Self” Moonlight Review – Konch Magazine

My Review of Moonlight published by Konch Magazine

“Umbra of the Self” on Konch Mag

“In the groundbreaking 2016 film Moonlight, written by Tarell Alvin McCraney and directed by Barry Jenkins, is an amazing coming of age film about a young person and their battle for acceptance and their sexual identity. This film is extremely well done in terms of visual storytelling and acting. However, this film excels in its concept of taking a character and using three different actors in three different periods of this persons¬†life to tell their story. Also, there is a huge commentary on toxic male masculinity and how it feels to grow up as a gay black male in a predominately straight, homophobic, violent society…”